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Everything DiSC® Profiles

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Dear HR Professional,

Do you feel like you'd like to know more about DISC training but don't know where to go? Have you ever been asked questions about DISC that you didn't feel 100% comfortable answering?

What would it be like if you could walk into the room and be known as a DISC Training expert, confident you were harnessing the full power of your DISC training?

Have you wondered how DISC could be so deep? Well, it is every bit as rich as other tools out there, such as the MBTI. I am also certified to administer and interpret the Myers-Briggs, but in the workplace, I love the simplicity AND depth of DISC.

Unfortunately, many people don't know the "power of DISC". In the worst-case scenarios, they actually turn people off, due to their own lack of understanding in how DISC testing and DISC evaluation can be used. We will teach you the richness of DISC - from one of the experts. Our virtual DISC training program, Go DEEP with DISC®, is designed to provide you with the knowledge and the skills to use DISC effectively, and enhance your value to your organization and/or clients.

It's time to train the trainer and this program is guaranteed to show you how to craft DISC training solutions effectively within just weeks. Go DEEP with DISC®, will qualify you as a highly-skilled DISC certified Trainer.

You probably have questions about the Go DEEP with DISC certification program, so I want to encourage you to call me personally to get answers to the things you're wondering about. I'll give you straight answers with no pressure. You can call me at 913-268-6070. I'd love to talk with you.

Paula Switzer


Aaron Swartzman

DISC Certified consultant, Aaron Swartzman"The value of Paula’s training program goes far beyond the information she shares. Paula and her entire team at Veseca have continued to support and advise me, far beyond the completion of my program. Her ideas are inspiring and her willingness to support each of her program participants is refreshing. As a Director at one of the largest digital publishing organizations in the world, I’m confident that Paula would also be very successful educating others on how to provide exceptional customer service and support. I would proudly recommend Paula, her team, programs and products to anyone interested in learning more about themselves and passionate about helping others do the same."

Aaron Swartzman
Director, Digital Publishing

Free DISC training preview

Want to learn more? - Join us for one of our free 45-minute DISC Mentoring Sessions and Go DEEP with DISC training preview calls. Paula Switzer, independent consultant with 20+ years of experience of DISC training, will share with you little known tips such as:

  • How the four styles view money
  • What each of the four styles needs in "recovery" time
  • Some of the latest research on DISC

And you will receive:

  • A digital audio clip of the call
  • A workbook for the call
  • Sample DISC reports

         Total Value: $79, and you receive it all FREE!

DISC Training Preview Calls are scheduled for:

(to be announced) 7:00 am PDT, 8:00 am MDT,
9:00 am CDT, 10:00 am EDT
(to be announced) 10:00 am PDT, 11:00 am MDT,
12:00 am CDT, 1:00 pm EDT

DISC Training Skills You'll Learn:

  • Where the DISC model comes from and how it fits in with other models.
  • How to administer and interpret the DISC Profile.
  • How to determine which application is right for your audience (Everything DiSC Workplace, Management, Sales, Work of Leaders or 363 for Leaders).
  • How to correctly present the DISC model to your students.
  • How to craft a training solution using DISC and the facilitation materials available.
  • How to take DISC deeper within your organization to maximize your ROI.
  • How other practitioners use DISC for team building, communication, conflict resolution, management development, and more.

         Check out our Course Outline

DISC Training Resources You'll Receive:

As a participant in the Go DEEP with DISC® training program, you will receive access to our special Member's Area. This is a sample of what is included in the Member's Area. Once enrolled, participants will receive special log-in instructions. Here you will find:

  • Your weekly lesson (special workbook for our teleconferences).
  • Your homework assignments for the next session.
  • Downloadable audio and MP3 files of the week's call for review.
  • Progress update forms to check your knowledge of the content.
  • A Facilitation Kit of your choice that will provide you with everything you need to deliver memorable DISC training experiences:

           Everything DiSC Facilitation Kit with sample disc profiles and disc reports

Sample Member's Area
Fieldwork Lesson Audio Progress
Program Module 1: Background and Theory
1: History of DISC sample fieldwork
sample lesson
Audio sample
sample progress update
2: Marston’s Model & DISC Theory

As a Go DEEP with DISC participant, you will receive:

Facilitation Kit of your choice. (Everything DiSC Workplace, ...Management, ...Work of Leaders, ...Sales)
8 hours of group DISC training coaching sessions by telephone with Paula Switzer, DISC Master Trainer
8 additional hours of recorded calls by Paula that you can listen to at any time.
Online account for you and/or your company

& 60-minute training session
New Everything DiSC Workplace Report
New Everything DiSC Report of your choice (Management, Sales or Work of Leaders)
Additional DiSC reports
Weekly handouts and assignments
DISC Training tips, exercises, and applications
The Great Connection book - this great little fable brings DISC to life, and teaches us how to connect with self and others
The Work of Leaders book
Leadership Defined book - "a must read for executives, managers, entrepreneurs, students, volunteers, and clergy"
60-minute 1-on-1 coaching session with Paula

Next DISC training group starts (to be announced)

Training Group
Meets every Thursday via conference call. Class times are either morning or afternoon for 90 minutes each week. Class time will be determined by the enrollees prior to the start date of the class.

Program Dates For Next Class

(to be announced)

Each week, students will have an assignment due for the next class. There will be discussions, web-based coursework, and reading to connect the training with real-world application.

Students will also have access to a special web site area full of resources and tips, as well as recorded classes. (See Sample Member's Area)

Each participant will also have to demonstrate their knowledge of DISC through a final exam of key concepts, as well as a teach-back of the DISC model and/or application.

Graduates of Go DEEP with DISC® training will receive a special certificate from Veseca.

So what will this DISC certification program cost me?

When working on-site with clients, I've been paid upwards of $750 per hour for my expertise and consulting. That being said, I've value-packed the most important and powerful DISC knowledge I share with my clients into this program for the minimal investment of $1200/mo. for 3 months.

You'll receive my best DISC training and coaching secrets - and you can listen to them over and over - taking advantage of each and every DISC training and coaching tip, secret, and resource.

Every call will be recorded and available for your use to go back to time and again.

Your choices for payment are:

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Choice #1

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***Tax deductible: Keep your receipt. In the USA, all expenses of continuing education undertaken to maintain and improve business and professional skills are tax deductible.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Veseca is committed to helping you become a qualified DISC practitioner. Our Go Deep With DISC® virtual DISC training program will equip you with knowledge and skills to deliver DISC training effectively in a variety of situations.

If you participate fully in the program by attending the weekly group conference calls, and complete the homework assignments and discussions, you will achieve a level of DISC Mastery held by few.

If you are not completely satisfied, Veseca will refund 100% of your entire program fee. We are committed to well-trained, knowledgeable DISC trainers out in the field. I commend you for investing in you and your organization's future.

I would love to have you join us in this fun program. The friends and kindred spirits you will meet in this session will remain friends long after this program is completed. Thank you for considering this investment in yourself.

Paula K. Switzer

P. S. I am so excited about this program. I have been using DISC for 20+ years, and have picked the brains of many a DISC guru over the last three decades. Many of them have already retired. I want to pass on my knowledge to those who are ready to carry the work of DISC into the next few decades!

P. P. S. You probably have questions about the Go DEEP with DISC training program, so I want to encourage you to call me personally to get answers to the things you're wondering about. I'll give you straight answers with no pressure.

You can call me at 913-268-6070. I'd love to talk with you.          (U.S. & Canada residents only.)

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Still not sure? Here's what others are saying:

Dr. Paul L. Gerhardt, PhD

"I have been doing leadership training and development for over a decade. Paula Switzer is truly one of the most-amazing trainers I have worked with. She takes the time to answer all questions--and more importantly, truly listens to the needs of those she trains. As a certified MBTI practitioner, I have found DiSC training from Paula Switzer to be a wonderful experience that will be useful in my practice as an educator. I highly recommend this program to any professional wanting to learn how to help others be the best they can be. I am glad I made the investment in my time and money to take the course."

Dr. Paul L. Gerhardt, PhD
CEO, Leadership Success Company

Mary Kay
Testimonial by Mary Kay, Go DEEP with DISC® training program participant.

"Do yourself a favor and participate in "Go DEEP with DISC!" Whether you are new to DISC or an experienced trainer or manager, you can't help but benefit from this experience. The best advice I was ever given was from my father when he told me to surround myself with successful people. Paula Switzer is among the best in the business! She has been there and done that and shares openly her experiences to help us in our businesses. Her first hand knowledge and expertise enables her to relate to people where they are in their personal and professional development. Paula has a style that is warm & engaging yet direct and easy to understand. Her extensive experience coupled with her sense of humor make learning DISC in depth an enjoyable experience. It has helped me become more successful. Learning from other participants was just as helpful as learning the new material, i.e. how others use DISC in their business, real life examples of implementing the skills, trouble-shooting advice in tough situations, etc. And the classes are recorded so if you have to miss for some reason, you can still get the information. For me, experiencing the class was definitely something I looked forward to each week and I didn't want to miss! In addition to the actual sessions, I found the resource page to be most helpful. Throughout the course, Paula posts articles, books, links, lists, among other resources for class participants to access which adds value and provides for additional learning. Thanks, Paula for your commitment to my success. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR and "GO DEEP WITH DISC!" I'm glad I did!"

Aaron Swartzman

DISC Certified consultant, Aaron Swartzman"After working with various psychometric training tools over a span of 12 years, I decided to take my own knowledge and experience a step further by becoming a certified educator. I’ve always found DISC workshops to be easily digestible allowing participants to immediately take action on the values and lessons taught.  Paula’s virtual DISC training program not only made learning DiSC® very easy and practical, but gave me the confidence I needed to begin my own consulting service."

Aaron Swartzman, Boost Consulting 

Kevin Bullard

DISC-certified GoDEEP with DISC graduate, Kevin Bullard"GO DEEP with DISC!" is a remarkable course that:

- Covers the breadth of DISC through easy-to-understand and interesting modules
- Beats the competition in terms of cost, personal attention, and ongoing benefit
- Offers the expertise and accessibility of an experienced instructor, and her efficient staff
- Is already producing remarkable ROI

Discovering Paula and Go DEEP! was definitely to my benefit, and I highly recommend her!

Kevin Bullard, Communications Officer
Information Technology Services
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Listen to Testimonial by Lisa, Go DEEP with DISC® training program participant.

"...I felt more comfortable and confident..."

Shelley Hull
Listen to Testimonial by Shelley Hull
Training and Development Department for a large organization:

"In working with Paula over the last seven years, we have had the opportunity to really develop our leadership program and services that we provide our customers based on Paula's knowledge of the DISC Training course.. "

Veronica Holcomb
Leadership Development Strategist and Coach, Veronica HolcombListen to Testimonial by Veronica Holcomb
Leadership Development Strategist and Coach:

"I've known Paula Switzer for 10 years and I admire her greatly.. "

Testimonial by Deb,
Manager, Education and Development:

"Paula Switzer is a consummate professional consultant. She has never pushed unwanted programs or services but looks for ways that she can match a need we have with a service she offers. I look forward to working with her as we continue to develop our employees and leaders."

In answer to the question "What did you enjoy most about the program?", here were the comments from our anonymous online survey:

  • "Small class size, Paula and her voice tone, style and incredible DISC knowledge, Resource Section, easy format for homework, books and other stuff mailed out ahead of class, loved all of it!"

  • "Flexibility that if I missed I could use the web to stay on track. The materials were very helpful."

  • "Learning all of the information - great instructor - very knowledgable - very engaging"

  • "Paula did a fantastic job of pulling everyone in, and of helping address questions, etc. I really enjoyed it all, and learned more than expected."

About the Trainer

Paula Switzer, DISC Master TrainerLearn from one of the best in the industry!

Paula Switzer has been using DISC for over 20 years on a regular basis with her clients, employees, and colleagues. A consistent winner of the Diamond Award for John Wiley & Sons, the publisher of DiSCŪ (see press release article), Paula has spoken at Inscape International Business Conferences and is a key contributor as a select group of individuals called upon for Beta testing new products. Her clients appreciate the way she keeps them informed of new tools, updates to their products, and ideas shared at the conferences she attends.

Paula has published articles about her work with DISC and was a featured author in the book Leadership Defined, where she discusses her model, The Seven Elements of Relational Leadership, weaving in her DISC insights. Not only will Paula share her years of knowledge and experience, but she will coach you in your own use of DISC for improved results with your customers.

Final Details about Go DEEP with DISC®

The Key Benefits of DISC Certification

  • Become an expert on the DISC model, a behavioral styles tool used by over 40 million people
  • Add a new competency to your resume and open opportunities for you as you advance your career
  • Learn a tool and system that will enhance the value you bring to your organization by providing high-quality, results-oriented programs
  • Hear how other internal trainers have started their own training and consulting firms using DISC as a key foundational piece in work with their clients

DISC Certification Training Outline

1 - History of DISC
  • Introductions, overview of program
  • Personal goals and objectives
  • Background of behavioral styles
  • Who was William Marston?
2 - Marston's Model & DISC Theory
  • Where does DISC fit in with other models?
  • Influence of self and environment
  • Current language & research around DISC
  • Overview of the four dimensions of DISC
3 - Everything DiSC Workplace Report
  • A look at the report in depth
  • How to interpret a person's report
  • How to apply the content to the workplace
  • Overview of online account*

* BONUS: We will also schedule a hands-on training session for you on your new online account, so you know how to use this valuable tool to issue access codes and run individual as well as group reports.

4 - Other Everything DiSC Reports
  • Everything DiSC Management
  • Everything DiSC Sales
  • Everything DiSC Work of Leaders
  • Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders
5 - Everything DiSC Facilitation Materials
  • What is in the kit?
  • How is it structured?
  • How do you use it?
  • How do you customize it?
6 - How to Craft a Training Solution
  • Determine the business problem/need
  • Analyze your audience
  • Develop objectives and time frames
  • Select appropriate training tools and resources
  • Add activities, discussion exercises & more
7 - Application & Practice
  • Teach-backs of activities
  • Demonstration of DISC training knowledge
  • Feedback from instructor & fellow participants
8 - Organizational Development Tools*
  • Everything DiSC Comparison Reports
  • Everything DiSC Group Reports
  • Everything DiSC Facilitator Reports
  • Additional Online Reports
  • Keeping DiSC alive & reinforcing learning

* All of the above tools are available to help you raise the level of DISC understanding and increase the ability of participants to work together more effectively using the language of DISC. In addition, you will take a look at some of the other reports available to you in your new online account.

Each week, participants call in via phone as well as joining via the webinar format, so they can see what is on the instructor's screen. They also access all Powerpoint slides and class workbooks in a special Member's section of the website. Each class is recorded so that if they have to miss a class or two due to travel or training commitments, they can download the audio file and listen to it after the session.

This program is fast paced, with plenty of room for discussion, reflection and time to discuss concerns. Participants are encouraged to bring organizational needs and issues to the sessions, so they can leave here with a game plan for implementation. In addition, graduates have lifetime free membership in the brand new membership site, where they will find additional resources to help them in their understanding and implementation of DiSC.

Press Release

"Independent Consultant Achieves Highest Sales Honor"

March 1, 2012, Shawnee, KS – Local business Switzer Resource Group, Inc. (Veseca) has been honored as an Inscape Publishing Diamond Award Winner, Inscape's highest award level. In 2011, less than 1% of Inscape Distributors earned the honor of Diamond Award.

Switzer Resource Group, Inc. brings insight and practical tools to help individuals be more effective in the workplace. "To be successful in workplace relationships, people need to have a memorable framework to understand themselves and others," says Jeffrey Sugerman president and CEO of Inscape Publishing.

This year marks 20 years in business for Switzer Resource Group, Inc. SRG is a full service training and development firm that works with leaders at all levels in organizations throughout the United States and internationally to develop their people. Their President, Paula Switzer, is a past President of the Kansas City ASTD Chapter, a member of the National Speakers Association, and was just named Entrepreneur of the Year for Sales Professionals International. Paula is the founder and creator of Go DEEP with DISC®, the first virtual DISC certification training program of its kind. Paula also speaks on The Seven Elements of Relational Leadership and is a featured author in Leadership Defined.

"Switzer Resource Group, Inc.'s work is helping people learn to be better leaders, managers, and individual contributors," Sugerman says. "Organizations are becoming stronger and more efficient as a result. We are proud to have Switzer Resource Group, Inc. as a partner."

About Veseca

Veseca, formerly Switzer Resource Group, Inc., is a full-service training and consulting firm. We work with our clients to put together the necessary resources for each project as it occurs. We have a broad range of consultants to choose from to help meet our client's needs.

The firm's President and founder, Paula K. Switzer, brings over 20 years of experience partnering with groups and organizations to improve:

  • Customer service
  • Leadership skills
  • Team building

by helping build or strengthen relationships based on trust and individual responsibility.

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